How does VendorProof work?

VendorProof is a software that helps healthcare organizations ensure all of the businesses they partner with are safe, compliant, and fraud-free. Check out how VendorProof works and find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. 

Here's How It Works

We’ve designed a simple signup process with you in mind.

Step One: A health system hires us to enroll all of their vendors.

Our work starts when a healthcare company activates VendorProof to enroll all of their contractors and vendors to ensure each of them are safe, trusted partners. They give us a list of companies they work with, and we start reaching out.

Step Two: We reach out to connect with you.

We reach out personally to every individual company to let them know what VendorProof is, why it’s important, and how to sign up. We’re a small but mighty team, and you always talk to a human when you call.

Step Three: You’ll create your VendorProof profile in three minutes.

Let’s start with the basics – company name, contact info, company info, industry, etc. Make sure you have your signup ID ready. Not sure where to find your signup ID? Learn More

Step Four: You’ll complete any neededpaperwork for your healthcare partners.

Your VendorProof profile will be pre-loaded with specific documents from your healthcare partner. This helps make sure you’re a safe, approved vendor and partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

A healthcare vendor is defined as any entity or individual that a healthcare organization pays for goods or services. This means everyone from a medical device supplier to a consultant to a printer can be considered a healthcare vendor, regardless of whether they have a contract with the organization or physically interact with a facility or patients.
If you received communication about your healthcare client requiring you to enroll in VendorProof, then you are considered a healthcare vendor. 

In order to do business with you, your health system client must receive assurance that your business does not appear on any state or federal exclusion list. VendorProof is a software that monitors exclusion lists to identify fraudulent or high-risk vendors.

By uploading your information and completing the forms in VendorProof, you deliver this assurance for as long as the business relationship continues. 

VendorProof is a vendor onboarding tool. You do not need to enroll in VendorProof until after you have reached an agreement to deliver goods or services to a healthcare organization that relies on VendorProof. Every organization has its own requirements of vendors, so the health system must make the first move, then you can enroll and fulfill the requirements specific to their policies.

Are you not currently working with one of our healthcare organization partners, but curious about listing your business on the VendorProof Marketplace? Contact us!  

It takes about 2-3 minutes to create your VendorProof account. To complete your VendorProof enrollment and fill out all your forms typically takes about 10 minutes total. Once you create your account, you can save your progress, add another user, and return at any time. 

The exact information may vary depending on the healthcare organization you work with, but generally, here is what you will be asked to provide in VendorProof: business-identifying information (legal name, address, tax ID number), ownership information (name, address, SSN), and risk information (interaction with patients or facilities, offshore operations, etc.). 

Unless an exception is made, there is a $45 annual fee for VendorProof participation. The majority of the cost is subsidized by your healthcare client, but the remaining fee helps to cover the cost of verifying your business’s federal compliance status on an ongoing basis. As an added benefit to your business, you have the option to create a listing to promote your services in the VendorProof Marketplace. Payment can be made by credit card or ACH. 

The VendorProof Marketplace is the largest public directory of safe and compliant healthcare vendors. It is searchable by anyone, but specifically designed to help healthcare procurement leaders find qualified vendors for their organization.

See the Marketplace

Your signup ID should appear in your letters and emails toward the bottom. This code is unique to the relationship between your business and your healthcare client. Learn More 

An exclusion list is one of 43 state and 2 federally maintained lists of persons and entities who are ineligible to receive any money (directly or indirectly) from federal healthcare programs. Parties can be excluded for a number of reasons ranging from financial fraud to patient abuse. A vendor that appears on an exclusion list is ineligible to receive payment from a healthcare organization participating in federal healthcare programs. Learn More

Questions? Reach out to our Vendor Care team. We’re here to help!