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VendorProof is a software that helps healthcare organizations ensure all of the businesses they partner with are safe, compliant, and fraud-free. Check out these resources if you have questions about why or how to sign up for VendorProof. 

Vendor Sign Up ID

Your VendorProof Signup ID

In this blog you will learn what your signup ID is and where to locate it, this is key for completing your compliance forms and getting started in VendorProof.


Who Needs Employee Monitoring?

In this video, our Vendor Care specialist Boone explains who needs employee monitoring and how VendorProof helps vendors meet these requirements.


Understanding Employee Monitoring

Our Vendor Care specialist Boone shares how to ensure your employees are safe and compliant with employee monitoring.


The New Face of VendorProof

With the new VendorProof Engage, we make it easier than ever to connect with the healthcare companies you serve with a new and improved design.

Understanding Healthcare Exclusions

Understanding Healthcare Exclusions

Unless you’ve worked closely with healthcare compliance administrators, you may be unfamiliar with the topic of healthcare exclusions. Never fear! Here is everything you need to know about healthcare exclusions.

Vendor Compliance

Healthcare Vendors and Vendor Compliance

In this post, we’ll explore the definition of healthcare vendors and explain how VendorProof helps healthcare organizations and vendors of all types demonstrate compliance with federal regulations and keep people safe.