Your VendorProof Signup ID

Vendor Sign Up ID
Your signup ID is unique to your business and is your key for completing your compliance forms and getting started in VendorProof. 

How do I find my signup ID? 

You can find your signup ID in any communication you receive from VendorProof: whether a letter, email, or phone call.  In your VendorProof letter, your signup ID is located in the Registration Instructions box near the bottom of the page. 
vendorproof signup vendor enrollment
vendorproof signup client enrollment

Every email you receive about VendorProof should also include your signup ID, though its location may vary with the format of the email. 

Having trouble finding your signup ID? Call or chat with our Vendor Care team. We’re happy to look it up for you!

Why do I need my signup ID to create a VendorProof account? 

Your signup ID is how the VendorProof software matches your business to the information your healthcare client already has on file for you. 

I already have a VendorProof account. Do I need a signup ID to complete my forms for another healthcare client? 

You do! Your signup ID is how we match your business to the information your client already has on file. So if you work with more than one healthcare organization using VendorProof, you’ll need a signup ID to access your forms for each client. 

Do I need my signup ID every time I log in to VendorProof? 

No. For data security reasons, each signup ID can only be used one time. So after you input your signup ID and create a username and password, you’ll use those credentials the next time you log in. 

Found your signup ID? Let's get started.