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Centralize all of your business’ information and healthcare vendor requirements to uphold the highest compliance standards.
Vendor Compliance Monitoring

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Healthcare organizations are required by the OIG (Office of Inspector General) to ensure any vendor – an individual or entity that is paid for any goods or services – does not appear on any federal or state exclusion list.

This means that for every healthcare organization your business partners with, you will need to provide unique business information, such as SOC 2 identification, Business Associate Agreements, vendor training documentation, HIPAA compliance certifications, ownership attestation, and more.

VendorProof was designed to consolidate and simplify these disparate data points to facilitate better, safer interactions between your business and the healthcare organizations you serve.

Vendor Compliance Monitoring

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Centralize critical information your healthcare partners need.

Every healthcare company you work with likely has different requirements, communication preferences, and specific compliance requests. Your VendorProof account enables you to upload, store, and share critical business information that any of your healthcare partners need.

Vendor Compliance Monitoring
Vendor Compliance Monitoring

Ensure contract compliance with all healthcare-specific requirements.

Healthcare regulations are constantly changing, which can have downstream effects on your business. Keeping your VendorProof account up-to-date makes it easy to be healthcare-ready and a fully compliant vendor.

Easily manage your attestations and ownership status.

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that healthcare organizations collect yearly attestations from all first tier, downstream, or related entities (FDRs). These attestations can often be cumbersome, difficult to manage, and can be asked for on an unpredictable cadence. By keeping your ownership and compliance information up-to-date in your VendorProof account, you can easily access everything you need to complete each attestation form.
Vendor Compliance Management

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